I have been told by clients my editing style is different than most. I complete what I refer to as a Full Edit, or a cross between a content and a line edit all in one. I’m thorough and hands on—writing my edits into the story. Using Word, I track all edits, leaving comments when necessary. All edits are suggestions only; I ultimately leave the accepting/rejecting to the client. And by breaking the manuscript down into smaller sections, I then send the edits to the client as each section is completed.  Once they’ve gone through my edits and send the sections back, I read through them one more time, making any necessary final edits.



I’m not forty yet.

I’ve killed a fake plant.

My husband almost plummeted to his early death when I scuttled into him as a vicious moth attacked my face. We were three stories up.

I talk to my dog an embarrassing amount during the day. I have yet to answer for him though. So, there’s that.

I unfailingly add completed errands to my To Do list, just so I can cross them off.

Life is too short for fake butter, fake burgers, and fake people. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I love to read pretty much anything (if my chosen profession wasn’t a dead giveaway), but my favorite genres are: romance, sci-fi, YA/NA, paranormal, and fantasy.

Julia Robert's laugh is music to my ears.

If I’m being honest, I get a little nervous before I say Worcestershire sauce.