Editorial Assessment - $25 flat fee (3,000 words)

Blurb Edit - $35 flat fee (add-on to proofread or full edit only)

Proofreading - $1.50 per page (one page is equivalent to 250 words)

Full Edit – see below (includes two read-throughs)

Skill level varies greatly from one author to another, and it hardly seems fair to slap a flat fee on all manuscripts. Taking this into consideration, I start my working relationship with new clients by completing a one-time Editorial Assessment. With this process, the client gets to see my editing style, while I review their work. When the assessment is returned, the client receives an edited document, an evaluation of the manuscript, and an exact amount I would charge for a full edit moving forward. My fees are based off of a per page cost (one page is equivalent to 250 words).

My schedule is typically booked out five to six months in advance, and I require clients to pay a holding fee of $100 to reserve a time slot. The holding fee is applied to the overall editing fee when the manuscript is received by the agreed upon date. If the manuscript is not received on time, or the client reschedules within a month of the scheduled date, the holding fee will not be applied to the overall editing fee and is non-refundable. Time slots can occasionally open up when authors have to reschedule. So, if you’re in a pinch, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I charge half of the overall editing fee upfront (due when I receive the manuscript) and the other half upon delivery of the finished manuscript. The average time to complete a full edit runs between ten days and three weeks, depending on the size of the manuscript. For works under 10,000 words, the full editing fee will be due when I receive the manuscript.

Late Fee – 20% of the overall fee will be added when a manuscript is received after the agreed upon date. At this point, the author can send the script when they are finished, and the book will be completed as my schedule allows. In the case of a partial manuscript being late, 20% of the portion missing will be added to the overall fee. The payment will be due at time of request.

Rush Fee – 25% of the overall editing fee will be added when an author requires a turnaround that is quicker than the usual time allotted. The payment will be due at time of request.

Rescheduling - If a time slot needs to be rescheduled within one month of the agreed upon time, a payment for 25% of the estimated full editing fee will be due on the originally scheduled date.