Victoria has been amazing, and she's by far one of the best editors I've ever worked with. Her turnaround time is impeccable, and she not only makes your manuscript shine, she makes it sparkle. She gives you honesty and that's exactly what I need. If something doesn't work, she tell me and I fix it. She's the best!

                    -          L.P. Dover, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author


One word to describe Victoria = AMAZING! I really have no other word. She’s top notch, and really cares about what she does. I’ve used Victoria for every single one of my books because I trust her. She’s not only an exceptional editor, but she really cares about what I write, adding and deleting (lots and lots of red) things to my stories to make them so much better. Even more than that, she’s become a great friend, and has put up with my crazy, crazy deadlines, always managing to pull it off. Like I said…she’s amazing. She definitely goes above and beyond, and I HIGHLY recommend her. (She’ll probably edit this testimonial for me…thank God. It probably needs it.)

                    -         Cameo Renae, USA Today Bestselling Author


I've learned editing is one of the MOST important parts of the publishing process. It is time-consuming, nerve-wracking, just plain annoying, and at times it can be soul crushing. Then, I was introduced to Victoria of Crimson Tide Editorial. First, I'd like to say, I have never been pushed so hard to write better, edgier, or to create exciting characters. I'd never truly stepped out of my "writing" comfort zone until Victoria walked up behind me and -- as sweetly and snarky as she could -- pushed me away from the fear of going at it 100%. The process is smooth and she is very professional. If I could give her 100 stars, that still wouldn't be enough. I highly recommend her services. Trust me, she won't let you down. *Thinking of all the errors she will find in this!*

                   -          Inger Iversen, International Bestselling Author


Victoria is insanely wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her. Victoria treats your manuscript like her own. She is professional, caring, and isn’t afraid to stretch you or your writing in the name of growth. She manages to do this while imparting her publishing expertise, attention to detail, and excellent communication style; all so that you and your writing shines. And she does all this with humor, grace, and love. There is no one else I trust more with my manuscripts than Victoria at Crimson Tide Editorial. You need her in your life, so totally hire her. Tell her I sent you.

                    -          Randi Cooley Wilson, Bestselling Author


My advice ~ If you’re a writer, never send your manuscript to a publisher or an agent without getting it professionally edited. I was searching for a new editor, and Victoria Rae Schmitz at Crimson Tide Editorial came highly recommended. Now I know why. Victoria took my YA manuscript, washed, scraped, tightened, and shined it until it sparkled. I love her editorial process, where I could switch back and forth from the original to her final recommendations. She had me laughing out loud while I read her add-ins that were absolutely perfect. Her snarky wit is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t explain the feeling I have of being totally confident in her editing, and providing me with a pristine manuscript. Victoria also helped me with a title and my blurb, which by the way is awesome!

                    -          Cathrina Constantine, Bestselling Author


I wasn't just looking for an editor who would strengthen my story and make my words shine. I was looking for someone to make me a better writer and become an expert I could trust for the long run. I found all of the above with Victoria Rae Schmitz. She is professional and always on time with promised work. I highly recommend Crimson Tide Editorial.

                    -          J.R. Roper, 2015 Children's Literary Classics Award Winner


I have sent many clients to Victoria and always get amazing feedback from them on how she works with you to make your story shine. You want the best you can get? It's right here... phenomenal work, professional, and always there to make you smile. You won’t regret hiring Crimson Tide.

                    -          Regina Wamba, owner of Mae I Design and Photography